Bicose Real 5T: a GT-type electric scooter that will bet everything on design

Loncin, the Chinese business group under which motorcycle firms such as VOGE are active, has just presented Bicose in China, a brand that within the consortium will focus exclusively on marketing electric motorcycles and scooters. The first model they have released is the Royal Bicose 5Ta electric scooter urban equivalent to 125 GT type.

It is a model that so far they have only advanced graphically, and as usual with launches that take place in China, the images that accompany the news do not have the best resolution.

Even with this, and being in front of the production model and not a conceptual one, the Real 5T shows that the next segment that will explode in terms of a better offer will be that of the GT type electric scootersbecause at present they are the ones that offer the least amount and those that the public demands the most, as shown by the sales of gasoline models and the success of models such as the Honda PCX and Yamaha N-Max.

Royal Bicose 5T
Because of the design of its tail, the Bicose Real 5T is somewhat reminiscent of the Yamaha E-01.

At the moment the brand has reserved the technical data of the Real 5T to give them later, but based on its concept It should offer at least 100 kilometers of autonomy and a power greater than 5 kW to fulfill its mission in a solvent way, and mark distances like this with purely urban electric scooters.

Despite the fact that there are no officially confirmed technical data, and based on the distribution of technical elements that can be seen in the images, the Real 5T will resort to a central electric motor and a belt or chain drivewhich is a better technical solution than a hub type motor.

Also judging from the pictures, the battery pack will be placed centrally on the floor of the scooter, between the seat and the fairing, which may mean that it is a fixed battery pack, not removable. The latter, however, has to be officially confirmed.

Among the aspects that the Chinese manufacturer has confirmed, the incursion between the standard equipment of a TFT-type color screen which will act as a dashboard. In the practical section, and as a clear advantage over the rest of the electric scooters for sale (with the permission of the Ray 7.7 Y Silence S01), under the seat there is a load compartment with 30 liter capacitywhich will be enough for a full face helmet and a few other smaller items.

When at the controls of the Bicose Real 5T.
When at the controls of the Bicose Real 5T.

In Spain there are already electric scooters similar to the Bicose Real 5T, urban but of the GT type, although at the moment they are still few. Among them stands out the Silence S01the Ecooter E5 or newcomers Horwin SK3 Y Wellta Boreal/Arena VT3.

Yamaha has also already presented its particular model for this segment, the Yamaha E-01, although at the moment it will only be marketed in Japan through a subscription program. Its marketing for Europe is confirmed, but has not yet been produced.

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