Better thermal management of the Škoda Enyaq battery increases its range and charging power

Škoda is rolling out a software update for all of its Škoda Enyaq iVs. This is an update that will be performed as part of a free service campaign and which will be enjoyed by both the new Enyaq that are delivered from now on and those that are already in the hands of customers. Among the most striking improvements, there is a better thermal management of the battery that will allow slightly increase the charging power as well as slightly improve autonomy.

software version it’s called ME3, and will be installed by the brand’s official after-sales services. Once the update is installed, which takes a total of 5 hours, the Enyaq will be able to be updated remotely most times when new software versions are available.

As far as battery and charging are concerned, the new software will offer, among other things, a new battery protection mode in which it is only charged to a maximum of 80% during the next charging process. This is common in lithium-ion batteries, as it saves stress on the cells during charging and helps preserve the battery and prolong its life. However, your full storage capacity at its maximum upload speed, should you need it, will be available at any time via deactivation.

On the other hand, the maximum charging speed will increase up to 120 kW of power in the Enyaq equipped with a 62 kWh capacity batteryand up to 135 kW in models with the 82 kWh battery, the highest capacity.

Skoda Enyaq iV update
Škoda Enyaq iV ME3 software update infographic

According to the brand, thanks to the improvement in the thermal management of the battery, the real autonomy of all Enyaq will increasealthough they have not confirmed the gain in kilometers that it will entail, as well as the percentage.

Finally, the update also brings with it a improvement in the infotainment system, more specifically in the route planner. Now it has improved load graphics and greater precision in autonomy. It now includes an indication of the destination and the necessary charging stops, so the Škoda Enyaq will offer better forecasting and a much better travel experience.

This new version of ME3 software will already come as standard on all Enyaqs that Škoda delivers from now on, including, of course, the Škoda Enyaq Coupé, while those already in the hands of customers will have to wait for the after-sales service -sale of the concession in which the vehicle has been acquired, contact the owner.

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