Bentley seeks electric car engineers to accelerate Beyond100 plan

Bentley, like practically all automobile manufacturers worldwide, is initiating the pertinent procedures in all aspects to position itself as a 100% electric brand in the coming years. Now it is known that the luxury English company is actively looking for engineers specializing in electric cars to accelerate its “Beyond100” strategy.

Let us remember that its “Beyond100” strategy was announced at the end of last year 2020. This focused on the direction that the British company will take once it has completed its first centenary of history. Its roadmap towards electrification will be based on three phasesstarting with the launch of plug-in hybrid models (Bentley Bentayga Hybrid and Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid), continuing with the elimination of pure thermal models in the middle of the decade and ending with the move to a 100% electric brand in 2030.

As we can see, the first step would be practically completed and now the company would be focused on the electrification of the rest of its models through plug-in hybridization, as well as in the launch of a new 100% electric model predicted for the year 2025. And precisely on this last mentioned electric vehicle is where they would be putting all the meat on the grill from the luxury firm.

From Bentley they also hope to carry out the so-called five-in-five plan why will launch an electric car every year from 2025and an additional five once we have crossed the border of the year 2030. For this reason, and the sum of both short-medium term plans, Bentley requires the immediate incorporation of 100 specialized workers in this field of vehicle electrification.

Bentley aims to become a 100% electric brand by 2030
Bentley aims to become a 100% electric brand by 2030

Within a maximum period of 8 years, Bentley must be a 100% electric company. These mentioned job offers would be dedicated to multiple disciplines such as engineering, research and development of these electrical models. The company offers a hybrid job, that is, a combination of face-to-face and remote work. For those who decide for a position on-sitethis will be at the company’s own headquarters, in Crewe, England, where Bentley has invested a significant amount of money to promote an appropriate work environment in which to encourage teamwork.

From the company’s board they assure that Bentley is currently in the midst of a phase change so significant that it has never happened before. in its long history. Once these first offered positions are covered, the company expects to launch new offers especially dedicated to the design and conceptualization of electrical components; There will also be a place for those who lead these teams, as well as for engineers dedicated to the development of electric vehicle chassis.

The British company is focused on attracting as much talent as possible to its ranks, in fact, in recent years it has invested a significant amount of money in providing its current workers with activities to encourage learning through various methods. This new approach to work was endorsed by the UK’s Top Employers Institute, which has listed Bentley as the only British car manufacturer in the “Top Employer” list for the past 11 consecutive years.

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