Bentley CEO reveals the first data of his next electric car

Bentley is currently developing what will be its next production electric car, which will hit the market next year 2025. Now, in a recent interview by Automotive News Europe The executive director of the British brand, Adrian Hallmark, has revealed outstanding details of the future model, such as its acceleration and power, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

As the CEO of the British luxury company has been able to tell, Bentley’s future electric car will have truly brutal acceleration capabilities, as well as truly amazing power. In these terms, the model will be able to stop the stopwatch in 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.5 secondswhile its potential will skyrocket to 1,400 hp. Adrian Hallmark assured that, despite these stratospheric data, the truth is that Bentley will not sell this car thanks to these figures, but rather for everything that it will offer alternatively.

However, the manager himself assumed that this can be a striking aspect at first, but that at the same time it can become uncomfortable and even dizzying. Therefore, from Bentley they have devised a mechanism by which will regulate the intensity of accelerations, so that it is the driver himself who inserts the mode he wants. In a more capable first look, it will polish 0 to 100 km/h in 1.5 seconds, while alternatively you can insert a mode in which it will do the same in 2.7 seconds. Although the latter is still a figure that can scare locals and strangers, the truth is that it is a significant reduction in the “kick” received by the driver and his passengers.

Its aesthetic will be classic within the range of models.
Its aesthetic will be classic within the range of models.

Electric drivetrains are pushing the potential of vehicles into hitherto unknown environments. Such is the case that the company itself assures that the problem is no longer the traction capacity or power delivery in the cars and has become that of the limits of human resistance itself.

The new Bentley electric model will double the figures so far obtained by the most capable model currently marketed by the company, the Bentley Continental GT Speed, which signs 650 CV. With this, the CEO justifies that the starting price of the future model will be around what, until 2020, it meant to acquire a Bentley Mulsanne, the company’s luxury limousine. “It has to be like this,” concluded the manager.

It is not yet known what aesthetics Bentley will propose for the model in question, what the manager did say in his interview is that will present an alternative bodywork to the currently marketed models. The British company now has a range made up of a coupé and a convertible through the Continental GT range, an SUV (Bentayga) and a luxury sedan (Flying Spur). Would we then be talking about an electric supercar? Adrian Hallmark does not close the door to such a fact, although he has emphasized that they will seek that the model does not look like an electric car, but will follow a pattern of classic lines.

This new high-performance electric car will lay its foundations on the Volkswagen Group’s PEE platform for high-performance electric cars, while it will be manufactured in Crewe, England. The aforementioned platform will be the one that provides the model with battery technology, autonomous capacity, connectivity and support systems and various innovations. Nevertheless, Bentley will put its personal stamp on other aspects of its own such as luxury and refinement.

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