Bafang’s mid-range electric bike motor reduces its weight by 700 grams

The Chinese provider of transmission systems Bafanghas just introduced a new mid-drive for affordable electric bikes that improves on its predecessor in the weight, maintaining the technical specifications. The new M410 replaces the M400. His weight is 3.2 kilograms700 grams less than its predecessor, which means a considerable reduction of its total weight. The new M410 maintains its performance above that offered by similar engines from the competition, especially for the torque it offers, 80Nm at 120 rpm.

The M410 is located in the Bafang engine range under the M510, which has also received a recent update. In this case, Bafang also reduced the weight by half a kilogram thanks to the use of a magnesium casing that was accompanied by an improvement in the torque delivery curve and a more natural feeling when it came to assisting pedaling.

The M410 update responds to the wide demand for electric bicycles that is taking place around the world. While upgrades have typically focused on high-end motors, mid-range bike sales also require upgrades to their drive systems.

However, in the case of the M410 the performance increase of its big brother does not occur, which means that the most important improvement is weight reduction. With a total of 3.2 kilograms, a weight that is not comparable to that offered by high-end engines, its goal is to be implemented in electric mountain bikes, trekking bikes or cargo bikes. The rest of the characteristics are, therefore, the same as in its predecessor: 250 W of power, in accordance with the specifications of the EPAC regulations and 80 Nm of torque at 120 rpm.


Electric bicycle motor bafang m410-interior
The Bafang M410 maintains 250 W of power and 80 Nm of torque and the entire display interface.

The entire connection interface also remains the same as in the previous model and is identical to that of the M510. The new drive unit also includes a controlleras well as multiple display and remote control options being compatible with several of the battery designs Bafang’s own.

Bafang has a wide range of motors for electric bicycles of all kinds. Last year it launched the H700 dual-speed rear hub motor aimed primarily at electric city bikes. The system incorporates a motor and a two-speed automatic transmission that are perfectly integrated into the rear wheel hub of the bicycle. The set works from the detection of the speed at which the bicycle moves, so that the motor is capable of automatically adjust the most suitable gearbox ratio. The result is that the cyclist obtains a better pedaling cadence without having to carry out any type of operation manually or touch any mechanism. In this way much better use the power which is capable of supplying the engine adding comfort to the ride.

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