Bafang and Enviolo create a motor for electric bicycles with integrated automatic transmission

Bafang Y send it They have been collaborating for years in the integration in electric bicycles of motors of the first with automatic changes of the second. The ultimate result of your this cooperation is a fully integrated engine and gearbox system which will initially be implemented in the Premium e-bike i Auto from the Dutch company QWIC.

The change Send it AUTOMATiQ It is basically an extremely well-cared-for automatic transmission that is considered one of the most reliable on the market. As explained in the press release, such an automatic system has the advantage that it allows save energy, both the electricity stored in the battery and the muscle provided by the cyclist. One of the first companies to integrate AUTOMATiQ technology into its products was Germany’s Bosch.

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An automatic system of this type has the advantage that it saves energy, both the electricity stored in the battery and the muscular energy provided by the cyclist.

At the end of last year, the well-known supplier to the automotive industry Valeo landed in the electric bicycle sector by presenting the Valeo Smart E-Bike System, an integrated motor and automatic transmission system with seven speeds and one reverse gear. A revolutionary concept that Revonte already introduced in 2019 and that is now being tested by a group of its future clients to validate it and put it on the market this year.

The two strengths of the QWIC Premium i Auto are the ease of use and comfort when pedaling. What stands out above all is the presence of a clean handlebar in which only the essential is present. In it stands out a screen that allows to control the parameters related to the Banfag-Enviolo system.

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The integration of the motor and transmission provides a very satisfying user experience as all settings can be changed via a control unit and display, resulting in a clean handlebar and a very user-friendly bike.

Gearbox integration is not just a business operation. According to Billy van den Ende, Director of Brand Experience at Enviolo, “our intention is to get people out of cars and onto bicycles”. With this objective in mind, they decided to design a product robust and reliable that offers a safe and pleasant user experience. The system not only saves energy and effort, it also makes pedaling easier, especially for those who are not experts in handling a manual transmission.

Jos Schutte, QWIC’s Technical Innovation Lead, believes the key to that transition lies in simplicity. New smart electric bikes need to focus on that: “A big advantage of the QWIC Premium i Auto model is that it will be possible to modify the AUTOMATiQ cadence set point via the Bafang display, eliminating the need for additional controllers.”

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