“Bad news” about the Tesla Cybertruck: it will go up in price and change its specifications

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has addressed the future owners of the Tesla Cybertruck to warn them, without hesitation, that it has “bad news” for them. In addition to the delays accumulated up to now, an increase in prices planned so far and a change in specifications, which will differ from those announced in your presentation. The leader has attributed to the inflation current these modifications alluding to the fact that they were completely unpredictable in 2019. On the other hand, the “good news” is that production will start in mid-2023.

Musk’s statements came during the last general meeting of shareholders held at the new plant in Austin, Texas, which is now the headquarters of the Californian manufacturer. Since the date of its presentation, almost three years ago, the Cybertruck has suffered multiple delays that have led it to postpone its development, its fine-tuning and its entry into production. However, this is the first time they are announced changes in vehicle performance.

“The specifications and the price of the Cybertruck will be different”, Elon Musk has said, acknowledging that he hates to give “bad news”, but adding that “there was no way to have anticipated the inflation that we are suffering”. However, despite these claims, the CEO of Tesla did not has provided no figures neither on the percentage increase in price nor on the change in performance of the electric pick-up.

It is difficult to know what these changes mean for customers and how they will affect the vehicle when it arrives in Europe, where the pick-up market is much less developed. When it was introduced, the base model of the Cybertruck was advertised by $39,900which put it on a level with the Ford F-150 Lighting which, although it was released later, is already being delivered and has already reached 50 of the US states.

Inflation has affected prices in all industries. All sectors are being affected, the automobile industry in particular in a very obvious way, affecting new companies with special virulence. Without going any further, one of Tesla’s direct competitors in the pick-up segment, Rivian, was the subject of many controversies and even had to back down, when it decided to increase the prices of the R1T even for customers who had already placed a firm order for their vehicle. This decision caused a large drop in the value of the company’s shares, forcing its CEO to apologize and retract the implementation of this measure.

Tesla Cybertruck camouflage-cover
Tesla announces that it will start installing the production equipment, tools and all the necessary processes starting in the next few months with the goal of starting production “by mid-2023”.

As for the specifications, Tesla announced in its 2019 presentation that in the simplest version of the Cybertruck, with a single propeller on the rear axle, it would reach 400 kilometers of autonomy, and that it would be capable of carrying a payload of 1,360 kilograms. and tow up to 3,400 kilograms. Its design would be very adapted to the practice of 4×4 with angles of 35 degrees of entry and 28 of exit and 41 centimeters of free height to the ground. The most powerful version would have up to three thrusters.

With his presentation, the previous reservations (not confirmed orders) that required a small refundable deposit of $99. The project has suffered several delays in its production and launch dates. In May, when Tesla stopped accepting orders from Europe, the company declared that it had already collected 1.5 million euros in deposits.

However, despite all this unsatisfactory information for customers, Elon Musk can add one good news announcing that Tesla would begin “installing the necessary production equipment, tools, and systems beginning in the coming months” with the goal of start production “mid 2023”.

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