BAC e-Mono Concept: this is what a supercar with a fuel cell and ultralight looks like

Just a few months have passed since BAC announced its partnership with Viritech to study the possibility of launching a BAC Mono with hydrogen fuel cell electrical mechanics. And here it is. The binomial formed by both companies has already presented the first images of his concept vehiclewhich promises to be as light as ever and even faster than its heat engine variant.

BAC is a company specialized in high performance vehicles, which have low weight, high power and very careful aerodynamics. Currently -for the moment- they only market their radical model with gasoline thermal mechanics, but this is about to change. At the end of January they released the news of the association between both companies, which for many was a major surprise, since few would expect an alternative to the BAC Mono with an electrical mechanics with a hydrogen fuel cell. However, since the conjunction of companies they have already released the first official images, as well as some first specifications.

At the moment, this model is not a suitable vehicle for sale, since it is only a feasibility study based on a concept vehicle. From the company they explain the reason for launching a BAC Mono with fuel cell mechanics and not a battery-powered electric one, and the answer is simply because of the weight, since the electrical system of a “conventional” electric would increase its total weight by 50 percent, so the option of adopting a hydrogen mechanics instead of the thermal engine was directly chosen, which generates a weight increase of 149 kilos.

His image continues to be very radical
His image continues to be very radical

However, from Viritech they assure that this figure of extra weight could be reduced to 100 kilos once lighter materials are adopted, such as a carbon casing for the fuel cell itself, as well as a lighter battery module. Currently, the technology company is in the study phase of these new materials. To make this adoption possible, the set of this radical vehicle will sign a total weight of just 655 kilos in running order.

This conceptual model adopts new solutions to face the new conditions of hydrogen fuel cell electric car. Among some of these modifications is an intelligent adjustment of the fuel cell, so that its capabilities are up to what is required in a car of this caliber; Weight-reducing batteries have also been inserted under the driver’s seat.

In the design section, the BAC e-Mono Concept barely modifies its aesthetic part beyond some new panels in the rear area to make it appropriate to its new electric condition, new LED headlights, specific air intakes or new aerodynamic components, are the only sections with which we can differentiate that we are facing the new hydrogen variant of this lightweight supercar.

The thermal block has been replaced by a mechanical assembly for a hydrogen fuel cell
The thermal block has been replaced by a mechanical assembly with a hydrogen fuel cell

Its specifications are equally impressive, as its total power will be 371 CV extracted from a combination of 264 hp from the battery section, and 107 hp from the fuel cell. A set of electric motors located above the front wheels will offer the ability for this model to be all-wheel drive, further improving its performance on the track. According to data provided by the company itself, the BAC e-Mono It will stop the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 266 km/h.. In a digitally simulated lap, the model achieved a lap time of 2:04:3 minutes around the Silverstone circuit; by comparison, the heat engine variant ran 2 seconds slower per lap time.

According to estimates, its autonomy will be around 250 kilometers, although from BAC and Viritech they hope that this can be increased to 270 kilometers, while by 2024 they aspire to present a new variant that increases this figure by 50% due to the improvement of materials. In any case and under digital evidence, its capacity will be to make up to 10 laps of the Silverstone Circuit between one charge and another. Today, the binomial of brands are looking for financing to be able to market their model as soon as possible.

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