Audi will expand its luxury charging centers to other European countries

Last December, Audi took a huge step towards the electrification of its model range by introducing a new recharge center with interior spaces with all kinds of luxuries and services. Now, the German firm with the four rings has confirmed that this location concept will expand to other European countries in the coming months after confirming the public success of its establishment opened in Nuremberg.

Audi gave a very specific idea of ​​what electric car charging could be in the coming years. In the case of a company of this caliber, the service that could be expected is exactly what is provided to the clients who come there. This center was inaugurated last December; Later, Herbert Diess himself, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, paid a visit to the center located in the German city and for which he only showed his affinity and approval.

After almost six months of public opening, Audi’s Nuremberg charging center for electric cars has been heralded as a real success. This first location was determined as a test model of what could come in the coming years for the rest of the countries, as long as it had sufficient acceptance among the German public. This has been made clear in the latest statement issued by the brand itself, since it is specified that this receives an average of 24 cars a day and 60% of its users are regular customers. Thanks to these data, Audi admits that this model will begin to expand to other German cities and other countries of the European Union, including the United Kingdom.

The interior space offers multiple possibilities for recreation
The interior space offers multiple possibilities for recreation

These specialized centers for recharging electric cars do not require a construction based on foundations or other typical determinants of large works, but instead As it is a prefabricated installation, it can be operational in just one month. This will make it much easier to obtain urban planning licenses in certain countries, since this only requires flat, paved land.

The next step for Audi will be the opening of a new charging center in the Swiss city of Zurich later this year. Subsequently, by 2024 other German cities such as Salzburg or Berlin will enter the equation, in addition to other prominent locations for the company such as Munich. Again, these will serve as proof and background of what will come to the rest of the European countries. In case of being accepted among the general public of the mentioned cities, Audi will carry out its expansion into other territories such as France, the United Kingdom, Norway or Spainalthough, presumably, this will be something that will not happen until the year 2025.

Let us remember that the Audi charging centers are recreational spaces dedicated to the brand’s customers. In them, you can take advantage of the time it takes to charge the vehicle to carry out other tasks, such as working, connecting to the internet, having something to eat (it has a catering service) or watching some sport. The recharging of the electric or electrified cars themselves is carried out through six charging stations, which take the energy required from the electricity grid itself, as well as from a set of reused electric car batteries; Additionally, it also has a series of solar panels located on the roof of the center. These charging stations can be reserved via the MyAudi app..

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