Audi, Porsche and Bentley see their launches compromised by VW software

In modern cars the load of systems and technologies is enormous. Although we only see the hardware, screens, boxes, buttons and cables, none of that works without control and management software. Audi, Porsche and Bentley are on the ropes for a delay in the development of new software for their next electric launches. Cariad, a subsidiary company of the Volkswagen Group, is long behind schedule with the schedule for level 4 autonomous driving. Many plans are up in the air.

Without a doubt, the most affected in all this is Audi. Those of Ingolstadt had on their roadmap the launch of an electric flagship, developed under the Artemis project. On more than one occasion we have spoken to you referring to it as the next generation of electric and autonomous cars. With an expected level 4 autonomous driving, already approved since this summer in the European Unionthe electric sedan with the four rings was to dazzle the world.

However, as reported by Automotive News, the plans do not seem to be fulfilled. Autonomous driving control software, Volkswagen’s long-awaited software 2.0, is far from ready. The complexity of the development is wreaking havoc on the deadlines and nothing indicates that things will improve soon. Although Audi hoped to launch Artemis next year, rumors point to a three-year delay.until 2026 or 2027, after the launch of Volkswagen’s long-awaited Trinity project, scheduled for 2026.

Porsche Macan EV5
With almost everything ready for launch, the Porsche Macan may delay its appearance

To such an extent is the desperation in the Ingolstadt offices that in Audi seem to have approved the development of a saloon more Light with a software version based on the current patch. A kind of patch that does not prevent Audi from being overtaken by the technology of other rival companies such as Mercedes and BMW. Nor does it prevent other projects from queuing, such as the Audi Q6 e-tron. Everything was scheduled for the new SUV to begin production at the end of this year, but new estimates indicate that such an event will not take place until 2023, without specifying a specific stretch of the year.

Audi is not being the only one affected in all this, Porsche can also pay the price. During the last months we have seen how the new generation of the Porsche Macan was getting ready. A new generation driven by 100% electric mechanics. The development is so advanced that the manufacture of pre-series units has already started, but the final version of the software that manages the complex system of the new Porsche Macan is still missing. German managers are desperate and according to sources have stated: “the hardware is excellent, but the software is still missing”.

To top off the trio of problems, Bentley must be added to this particular party. The British firm had promised to go 100% electric by 2030. Although the launch of a first EV unit does not seem affected by the lack of software, the general plans could be up in the air. Bentley relied heavily on the new system, and taking into account the extended time frames with which the English house works, It does not seem very possible that 2030 will be the year in which the Crewe make the leap in mobility.

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