Audi begins construction of its electric car factory for China

In a few years, it is estimated that China will have almost a third of the world’s population, which represents an important commercial niche for all companies in the world. The local market is already the most important in terms of electric cars. Chinese drivers are looking for electricians to get their hands on. In Ingolstadt they have realized this need and for this reason they have decided to take the manufacturing directly there. Audi has just celebrated the start of construction of its first electric car factory for China. A first stone for a very ambitious project.

The place selected by Audi is the metropolis of Changchun, in the north of China, a population with more than nine million inhabitants with a population density of almost 367 inhabitants per square kilometer. A megacity that will see the construction of one of the most important plants in the Audi production network over the next two years. Big plans weigh on those four walls, although in reality it will be much bigger than anyone could imagine.

With a estimated production capacity of 150,000 electric cars per year, the plant by Changchun will have a total of 20 buildings between the body shop, the paint shop, the logistics center and the assembly lines. 150 hectares of land that will be responsible for manufacturing models based on the new PPE platform for specific electric vehicles for the Chinese market. The plant will be completely independent, as it will also have a battery assembly line for these electric cars.

20 buildings spread over 150 hectares of land

The PPE platform will be used in a wide range of models and bodies, from sedans such as the Audi A6 e-tron, to specific SUV models such as the Audi Q6 e-tron that we will soon see. It is expected that with it the electric cars of the Volkswagen Group will reach levels of performance never seen before in the house. Thanks to an 800-volt electrical system, recharging powers of up to 350 kW will be allowed. To this we must add state-of-the-art batteries that will offer ranges of autonomy above 500 kilometers of autonomy.

The new company in charge of manufacturing will be Audi FAW NEV Company. An alliance signed by several partners that has involved an investment of some 2,600 million euros. Some 3,000 jobs are expected to be created in the province when the plant is completed and fully operational. The deadlines take us to 2024, although the activity is expected to start at the end of next year. The facilities will have the most advanced technology and extensive robotization that will speed up production times.

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