Audi Activesphere Concept, an electric coupé SUV that will debut in 2023

Almost without warning, Audi couldn’t let one of the world’s most exclusive motoring events go unnoticed. The Audi Activesphere Concept ahead of us what could be the sportiest SUV of all. A coupé look in a trimmed body that we can see early next year. Some sources suggest that this prototype will become the natural replacement for the current Audi TT, which has its days numbered within the four rings mark. If true, we would be talking about a radical change in concept and image.

The truth is that the sketch presented by Audi leaves much room for imagination and speculation. With few details to highlight, it is the general image of the concept car that is very striking. Lots of muscle and height for an SUV that seems to have only two doors. It is clear that the coupé line is there, although much must be ventured to brand this as the replacement of one of the few remaining sports coupé in the category. However, there are details that we already know.

For a year, in August 2021, those from Ingolstadt have been in charge of introducing a series of prototypes that advance the lines of the next products of the house. Although they are conceptual vehicles, the future commercial structure will revolve around them. From the Audi Skysphere Concept to the Audi Urbansphere Concept, we have been able to witness the future of the house. Of course, all units base their mobility on electrical development.

Audi’s Sphere Concept trident will soon be joined by the smallest and most active unit

However, in the case of the latest release, the Activesphere Concept introduces full autonomous driving into the equation. Audi ensures that the production model that derives from this prototype will incorporate new and unique design details, so it is expected to be the last model in the range to see the light of day as a production vehicle. At the moment we will have to continue waiting to see the total and definitive aspect. You have to arm yourself with patience, since it will not be until the beginning of next year when the Germans reveal it completely.

It will be then when new and interesting details come to light. Audi defines his new creature as “the maximum versatility for an active lifestyle, both on and off the asphalt”. An SUV coupé that will allow large doses of fun on the road and when we move away from it. It is also not a good idea to get your hopes up when imagining a definitive product with the lines of the Activesphere Concept, because as we have already said, aesthetics is the only thing we should take as a reference.

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