As attractive as possible: Will this ID. Buzz Volkswagen’s electric pick-up?

From a designer’s imagination to the drawing board, and from there to reality. The creative process of a vehicle is very complex. It is a series of steps, some of them unstable, that come together in a finished product. On World Design Day, The Volkswagen Group presents us with a proposal as attractive as it is mysterious. A Volkswagen ID. Buzz converted to a double cab pick-up. Will this be the electric pick-up that Volkswagen has just announced?

the ID Buzz is the latest model to arrive in the brand new and popular Volkswagen ID family. The Germans have very ambitious plans with their new electric range. The Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 will soon be joined by more versions, sizes and formats, including the long-awaited Volkswagen Aero B, which will be positioned as one of the most advanced electric sedans in the world, both in electric concept and in technological development. The electric minivan is far from that mentality, but it can be postulated as one of the most varied alternatives.

At 4.71 meters long, the ID. Buzz is a blank canvas for the most creative minds. Although its shapes are conditioned by function, its rectangular lines can give a lot of play. The design sketch presented by Volkswagen could not be more attractive and interesting. A double cab pick-up with a small box in the back. All this without retouching its characteristic frontal design or the typical proportions of a minivan.

Rare? Yes. Possible? Why not? In this life everything is possible, although in this case we are talking about something really unlikely. Volkswagen has announced these days that it is developing its first electric pick-up. Before we launch the bells on the fly let us tell you that this pick-up will not be versed in the ID platform. Buzz, but it will be the next generation Volkswagen Amarok that enjoys 100% electric technology in a van format. A development that it is sharing with its partner Ford.

In the 1970s there was already a pick-up version of the Volkswagen T2.

However, although it is difficult to get to see something like this under the body of the ID. Buzz, Volkswagen has plenty of plans for the family compact. On its platform, and using a large part of its design, the Germans are working on the development of a highly advanced autonomous taxi. Numerous test units have already been seen at different points and situations. Although Volkswagen has announced that the design of that remote taxi will be “significantly different”, the test mules are ID. Buzz camouflaged and equipped with LiDAR radars and multiple cameras and sensors.

There was already something similar in Volkswagen

The design of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz pick-up has taken us back in time. It is not the first time that the Germans dare to create something similar. In fact, in the past, Volkswagen has already marketed a Transporter unit with box and double cab (top photo). Corresponding to the second generation, the popular T2, it was the 70s when it was presented. Few units ended up being sold, but it is only a small sample that everything is possible, and more so with such a versatile and versatile body.

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