Arrival manufactures the first electric van in the “delta” phase prior to the start of production

It’s been a very tumultuous few months for the British electric vehicle company, Arrival. They were recently forced to lay off 30% of their current workforce, which meant the dismissal of 780 workers. A few days later they had to cancel other projects that were open, such as the electric bus or the vehicle developed jointly with Uber for the transport of people. However, the manufacturer begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel and The first electric van that aspires to change the future of Arrival has left the factory. This unit will serve to test and fine-tune its factory, as well as to obtain commercial certification in the United Kingdom and Europe, mainly.

This first definitive unit is marked as a “delta test vehicle” expressly manufactured for the verification processes. This is the final step prior to its start of mass production, which they hope to start in the coming weeks. The electric van has left the company’s facilities in Oxfordshire, England. The company’s CEO himself has described Arrival’s last period of life as “more difficult than we imagined”.

This unit will not be commercial, since it is one of those called “pre-series”. Although it will have all the elements of a finished sales vehicle, it will only serve to obtain verifications and certification, but also to finish polishing some possible minimum elements prior to mass production. These validations will be published by the company itself shortly, before the start of manufacturing of the electric van.

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At Arrival they hope to start mass production of their electric van at the end of 2022

The factory that Arrival currently has, and where this first unit of the electric van has been produced, uses proprietary technologies patented by the company, as well as composite materials for manufacturing, autonomous mobile robots and a automated software with which to manage most of the operations carried out in the installation.

The CEO and founder of Arrival himself has made a statement announcing this milestone for the company: “Today is an important day for Arrival. Is it is the first time that a vehicle is built in our microfactory, using a new method that does not use a traditional assembly line. Although we have not yet achieved serial production, we are focused on making it a reality. We will continue to assemble vehicles in our micro-factory to master scale production.”.

To these words, the person in charge added that the process to get here has been more difficult than they had initially imagined, at the same time that thanked the effort and work carried out by his team of workersparticularly in the area of ​​technology, innovation and problem solving.

The Arrival electric delivery van project is in the best moment in its recent history and They hope to give more information about their progress in the webinar that will take place next Tuesday, November 8. and in which they will present their accounts for the third quarter of 2022.

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