Arrival has obtained the certification to market its electric van in Europe

arrival, the startup of electric vehicles, has recently gone through a significant economic downturn, since just a month ago they accepted that their funds were disappearing and they were running a significant risk of going bankrupt. However, not everything is bad news for them, since your electric delivery van has already received the certificate from the European Union to be able to market your vehicle in the region. Said certification received has been the EUWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval, for its acronym in English).

Arrival is a new electric car company that is about to stand up to the most established companies in the automotive sector. His project as a company goes through the launch in 2023 of an electric car developed jointly with Uber and that promises more interior space than a Rolls-Royce; Also on its roadmap is the commercial launch of an electric bus, which also received the aforementioned European certification a little over a month ago. Finally, the third model that the brand is developing is an electric delivery van that will directly compete with the model that Rivian will launch specifically for Amazon.

This electric delivery van was the second of its vehicles to receive the aforementioned European certificate, after the electric bus. From Arrival they assure that their van has successfully completed all the functionality and security tests to which it has been exposed to obtain the certificationwhich is an essential step in the brand’s roadmap to be able to market said vehicle within the borders of the old continent, which it hopes will happen in the coming months.

As stated by the Arrival board, the company hopes to start production of the electric van in its so-called “micro-factory” located in Bicester, United Kingdom, during the third quarter of this same 2022. This vehicle began its path of development in the past year 2020 and is currently fully completed in all sections, it was only waiting to receive the EUWVTA European certificate. Its first deliveries are scheduled for the end of this year.

During his presentation, the CEO of the company, Denis Sverdlov, accepted that the model had received certain novelties regarding the design if compared to the original model presented in 2021. One of the most relevant changes has been the redesign of its headlights, which have abandoned the round shape in favor of a rectangular one to thus approach the brand image that the prototype already has. presented from Uber car. Additionally, the driver has gained a small window located in the lower part of the door, which is not found in the other access door to the cabin. Finally, other changes were also pointed out in its bumpers, new cameras or a relocated rear windshield wiper.

PHOTO - The passenger compartment of the model also receives new features
The passenger compartment of the model also receives new features.

In the passenger compartment there are also novelties regarding the comfort of its driver, since the seat now includes a double armrest (one on each side), a new seat, as well as novelties in the use of materials and upholstery. A new 16-inch central touch screen and a new steering wheel culminate this section on its interior redesign.

From Arrival they affirm that these changes come from its promise to continually “update and test” its vehicles to get to offer the best possible product and experience to its customers. However, nothing has been specified about new features in its mechanical system. For now, this electric delivery van already has more than 140,000 orders.

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