Are you looking for a convertible McLaren P1? Don’t worry, Lanzante is going to create 5 exclusive units

Nobody can deny that the McLaren P1 revolutionized the history of supercars. The first hypercar in the world with hybrid technology opened a door that brands such as Porsche or Ferrari crossed. Although its performance cannot be denied, to this day it is still exceptional, a convertible body has always been missing. Officially McLaren is not going to take on such a job, but Lanzante is. There will be a McLaren P1 Spider, it will not be official, it will not be very numerous, but it does not matter.

We all remember those years when Germans, Italians and English challenged each other to develop the most extreme hybrid hypercar in the world. They have rarely been seen together, and the few times they have the show has been glorious. McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder are considered as the holy sports trinity. Above them there was nothing, although today his technology is no longer so exceptional, but everyone recognizes the merit of his daring. Today they continue to raise passions.

Following the request of a client, Lanzante will make a total of 5 McLaren P1 Spider

While Ferrari created a convertible version, the LaFerrari Aperta, and Porsche introduced the 918 as a Spider from the start, McLaren did not look for an alternative body capable of combining exaggerated performance with a convertible format. He refused to do so, and now he has passed the ballot to Lanzante. For those who don’t know him, Lanzante is an English preparer, creator and designer. Authentic jewels of the motor world have come out of his design and engineering tables. It has always worked closely with those from Woking, creating the most sought after variants of the P1: GT, LM and GTR.

Just yesterday, during the opening day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Lanzante exclusively presented the first P1 Spider. Why do something like that? Well, simply because a client wanted it. Sick of not being able to see the sky above his head, this wealthy and exclusive client entrusted Lanzante with the arduous task of removing the roof of his exclusive McLaren P1. The result has been so exceptional that the preparer will adapt 5 of the 375 P1 units that circulate around the world.

The preparer ensures that it will not lose performance compared to the original car

Although removing the roof of a car is not particularly difficult, it is in a hypercar of these characteristics. Lanzante has pledged that the conversion will in no way affect the hybrid hypercar’s performance, stiffness or stability.. Nor will it lose performance of its set dominated by the magnificent 3.8-liter twin-turbo McLaren V8, associated with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Nothing will change.

Although it won’t be an easy conversion, it won’t take long. The English preparer ensures that the delivery period is six months. What has not been announced is the price of this transformation, although it is certainly not cheap. Currently the value of the P1 offered at auction far exceeds one million euros. It is estimated that the five Lanzante P1 Spider units will raise this price given their exclusivity.

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