Aptera shows the interior of its solar electric car for the first time

Aptera, the electric car company powered by solar energy, has shown for the first time, and in a very slight way, how the cabin will be distributed in your final production model. Until now, it had only been presented in a temporary format, on its different prototypes, or in digitally created images. However, in this first teaser important and decisive interior appendages can be seen.

The company has shared through its profiles on social networks a series of images with four people sitting on the driver’s seat. In these publications, these photographs have been accompanied by the text: “It’s here and it’s better than ever”. With this they refer to the official presentation of their final model, called “Gamma”, which should be official in the coming days.

Taking a first look at the interior of the particular electric model, you can see outstanding details. First, its particular yoke-type steering wheel is powerfully striking, which appears to be upholstered in fabric in its upper half, while its lower half is covered in leather. This leather is not of animal origin, since it is based on different recycled materials; this is also used in other panels inside the Aptera.

The aforementioned steering wheel has a very particular design and with two unique physical controls at its ends, presumably to control typical sections such as the volume of the music or certain elements of the four digital instruments. This could always come as standard with the vehicle, although this is something that will be revealed in the coming days.

Two horizontal screens are attached to the dashboard, one as a digital instrument panel and the other for information and entertainment. In the publication there is no specific mention of its dimensions or capabilities, although its size can be guessed quite generous. The cabin, in general terms, has a very clean and minimalist designvery similar to the style that Tesla displays its vehicles.

The seats, meanwhile, are presumed to be very ergonomic. The driving position feels quite low and with the legs very stretched, somewhat characteristic of sports vehicles. According to the data provided by the company, the people who appear in its publication were between 1.52 and 1.82 meters tall, making it clear that the final model will have plenty of space to travel comfortably in its cabinspecifically with more room for the head and on the sides of its front occupants.

In the rest of the elements, the model completely dispenses with the use of physical buttons throughout the interior, beyond those previously mentioned for the steering wheel. Apparently, all commands will be done through your touch panel, although there may be more buttons in areas like the door panels.

The North American company will present its final model throughout this week, where it will mention both its exterior and interior novelties, as well as its own mechanics and its marketing. The model already has more than 22,000 firm reservations and its commercialization will begin at the end of this year. Its arrival on the European market is also expected from next 2023.

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