Aptera raises $40 million and secures the production of its solar electric car

Aptera is a company that we have already been able to talk about here on several occasions. Barely a week ago we reported on the important book of reservations that the startup of electric vehicles. Now, this same company has admitted a new economic contribution extracted directly from a financing round and, through which, the mass production of its so particular electric car is guaranteed that, among other accessories, It has a series of solar panels with which you can recharge your battery.

In the already distant year 2006, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro founded a new automotive company. This was shown to the world as a true alternative to the mechanical queens of the time. However, after several years of financial difficulties, the company closed completely. However, in recent years the company has returned with more reasons than ever and already presents more than 22,000 firm reservations of your unique looking vehicle.

From Aptera, at the moment, they only have a single vehicle in their portfolio. This presents a unique design in the industry through which it presents one of the best drag coefficients on the market with only a coefficient of C x 0.13. Several solar panels are inserted on its body with which you can carry out the electrical charge of your battery.

The electric Aptera will hit the market at the end of this same 2022
The electric Aptera will hit the market at the end of this same 2022

Now the latest news released by the company itself speaks about the acquisition of a new $40 million funding round with which it guarantees its arrival on the electricity market in the coming months. They have had a strong and decisive impact on this. entities such as universities and companies dedicated to the automotive sector and technology; Additionally, they have also had some contributions from individuals who have wanted to make their contribution.

Also, from Aptera they mention that thanks to this generous common contribution, the electric model will be able to start manufacturing at the end of this year 2022prioritizing test units and optimization of the production chain, while the first deliveries to its customers can be carried out throughout the next year 2023.

In the same way, from Aptera they also affirm that they already have sufficient economic amount to start their production chain, although the 40 million dollars received are somewhat scarce for a work of such caliber where other companies would have received larger investments. A part of its current economic level has been obtained thanks to the contributions made by individuals who have made a reservation of it. Said reservation of one of these particular electric vehicles can be carried out through a refundable deposit of 100 dollars.

The final price for which the Aptera electric car will reach the market will be from $25,000. For that price, the variant with 400 kilometers of autonomy is acquired, although, in addition, the company proposes other variants with better specifications as the final bill increases. The most expensive model that can be purchased will be priced at $44,900 and will have a range of 1,600 kilometers.

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