Aptera announces two new agreements and brings its solar electric car closer to production

Aptera Motors is a startup based in San Diego, California, which has specialized in electric vehicles with solar recharging capacity. Specifically, its star vehicle -and for now the only one with a view to being produced in series- is the Aptera SEV (by its initials in English for solar electric vehicle), which it presented in society last 2020. Now, from the company itself they have announced the agreement with two relevant suppliers of components for your electric vehicle: EVE Energy and Elaphe.

With this movement, the Aptera SEV thus approaches towards serial production, which should take place from the end of this year. Currently the model has more than 22,000 reservations (as announced by Aptera at the end of last May), which can be made from its official website by paying $100. The customer can choose between three colors for your particular body: black, white or silver. There will also be three mechanical variants with different levels of autonomy ranging from 400 kilometers to 1,600 kilometers.

A few weeks ago the news broke of the collection of an investment of 40 million dollars on the company, something that facilitated the arrival of the model in production, and so it has been. Thanks to this economic amount, the brand’s management has seen the path much clearer and has already announced the agreement with two companies for the supply of electric motors and battery cells.

In the first place, there has been an agreement with Elaphe, a company specializing in the manufacture of electric motors. Said agreement comes after signing a collaboration of “hundreds of millions of euros”, according to the North American company itself. Elaphe is a company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and currently produces its electrical blocks in that European location, although this rapprochement between brands entails the acceptance of moving part of its production to the United States, near Aptera’s headquarters, thus saving a significant expense in distribution of components.

The aesthetics of the Aptera SEV is quite particular and which helps to increase its aerodynamics
The aesthetics of the Aptera SEV is quite particular and which helps to increase its aerodynamics

Both companies would have reached an agreement to scale the production of said electric motors as the Aptera SEV increases its manufacturing capacity. The main goal is to be able finally reach 100,000 units of electric motors delivered annually to Aptera, although it has not been specified on what specific date this figure is planned to be reached. Elaphe motors are characterized by very light weight, very compact size and optimized specifications.

As a second point, from Aptera they have also announced the agreement with the battery cell supplier EVE Energy. This company will carry out, specifically, the supply of cylindrical cells 21700 NMC 811, which have been specifically selected by Aptera to fit into its structural package, which will be manufactured in the electric car brand’s hometown of San Diego. These cells have been selected by Aptera thanks to their lightness, efficiency and energy density.

With both deals, Aptera moves ever closer to serial production, which is expected to start later this year. With the series of motors and battery cells supplied by Elaphe and EVE, respectively, Aptera hopes to produce a very light vehicle capable of reaching 1,600 kilometers of electric range, according to the company’s already specified plans. The selling price of the Aptera SEV will start at $25,000while the most capable variant will go for $44,900.

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