Apple hires Lamborghini chassis manager to design Apple Car

Apple is moving slowly but inexorably on its way to its own electric car. The latest rumors about whether the Cupertino company would finally make this launch dissipated. A few days ago we learned of the new reports that pointed to a launch of the long-awaited vehicle throughout the year 2025. Now, Apple could have given a firm step by hiring Luigi Taraborrellione of the main vehicle technical development managers at Lamborghini over the last 20 years.

This has been posted via Bloomberg where an important shelving is given to the rumors about whether Apple was finally focused on an electric and autonomous vehicle or, instead, what they were developing in the Californian firm was nothing more than management software for vehicles from other companies, as well predicted the now former CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert Diess.

Taraborrelli, in addition to being a designer, is specialized in the development of vehicle chassis, so his contributions to this project you can imagine how this vehicle will finally look in the aesthetic sectionor dedicate himself to the development of the platform on which the Apple Car will be based. This veteran will work under the command of Kevin Lynch, who was also signed a little less than a year ago to lead the advances of the electric car.

After several years of comings and goings, Apple begins to put all the components of the vehicle development team on track. Taraborrelli has worked on the execution of such emblematic models for Lamborghini as the Urus or the Aventador, in addition to models that are yet to reach the market. In addition to the aforementioned specialty on chassis development, he also dealt with various technical areas, such as steering, suspension, brakes or the design of the rims of the Italian models.

apple car
The Apple Car will do without a steering wheel, pedals or any other command to control the vehicle.

Apple already has an extensive catalog of experts in various fields and who would be responsible for making the long-awaited Apple Car a reality. Among its ranks There are former employees of companies as prominent as Ford, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Tesla, Rivian, Volvo or Waymo, among other. Although it also accuses significant losses in recent months, such as Doug Field, former project manager or the artificial intelligence specialist, Ian Goodfellow

According to the Bloomberg publication, the model is expected to finally come true throughout the year 2025. Nothing is known about its aesthetics yet, but it is expected that its interior will be arranged in the form of a bus or limousine, with the passengers facing each other. Apple’s goal is to be able to create and market a fully autonomous vehicle, without steering wheels, pedals or any other control element. However, there are many critical voices that are raised against the viability of this project given the forecast dates for its arrival, since they affirm that this technology is not yet viable enough to land massively on the market.

A few months ago we learned that the company with the bitten apple made certain modifications to the vehicle’s patent to provide it with greater autonomy. Meanwhile at Xiaomi, Apple’s main competitor in this field, they are already testing their electric car in broad daylight and it is expected to be officially presented in the coming days.

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