An expert predicts that only three electric brands will survive in the American market, do you know which ones?

The opinions of each one are just that, personal opinions. For those of you who don’t know him, Sandy Munro is one of the best-known engineers in the American automotive industry. After spending 10 years at the Ford Motor Company improving engine assembly methods, in 1988 he created his own engineering consultancy, Munro & Associates in Michigan. Since then he has established himself as an authoritative and reputable voice in the industry. In recent years, Munro has turned all of his attention to electric cars, dismantling hundreds of them with his bare hands to learn the hidden engineering.

Thanks to this accumulated experience and the detailed disassembly work that he carries out, Mr. Munro is in a privileged position to comment on various aspects of the motor world. Electric mobility in the United States is growing rapidly, multiple companies and many cars predict a promising future, but not for everyone, as Sandy himself comments. The engineer has made it very clear that there are three brands that will continue to live in the transition to 100% American electric mobility.

One is obviously Tesla. Those from Austin occupy a privileged position worldwide. They were the pioneers in the field of electric cars and today their models are highly demanded throughout the world. In the United States, his share is much higher than that of the rest of his rivals, although Munro acknowledges that there are other companies that will soon be able to stand up to him. Ford is one of those companies. The firm led by Jim Farley is doing things right in the eyes of Sandy himself. The weight and power of the Ford Motor Company will allow it to survive in this new stage of transition.

Although the first two places were more than clear, the third option of Sandy Munro has left us a bit unsettled. The electrical expert considers that the third and last company to survive will be Rivian. Yes, as you are reading it. RJ Scaringe’s company is going through a very delicate moment. In recent months the capitalization of the company has lost much of its interest for speculators. Financial problems are our daily bread, although Mr. Munro gives his reasons for confirming the Californian company as one of the three that will survive.

Some time ago, Munro managed to get hold of a Rivian R1T with the intention of stripping it down to its chassis, something he does with all the electrics that fall into his hands. However, surprised by the quality of the product, he decided to keep it for a while, although finally he couldn’t contain his impulses and ended up completely undressing her. Once again the surprise was the quality of engineering and technology, even recognizing that as a vehicle the R1T should be worth more than $100,000.

With these premises, Mr. Sandy Munro predicts a very complicated future for the rest of the brands in the United States. Although this is a personal opinion, the expert engineer large corporations that are investing huge amounts of money in the electricity market have been left in the inkwell, as is the case with General Motors, which has recently announced its intention to lower the price of electric cars. Big investments that don’t have much value for Munro, who seems to focus more on the technical and engineering aspect than on the value of the company and the production capacity itself.

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