An electric car is among the 10 best-selling models in the world

With 2035 as the horizon in Europe, the sales of passenger vehicles at a global level will follow the steps that were previously produced in the Old Continent. If in September of last year the Tesla Model 3 It has already managed to become the best-selling model (electric or not) in Europe, now the American model achieves a new milestone entering fully among the 10 best-selling cars in the world.

The achievement, as if that were not enough, has not taken place after a quarterly or monthly result, but has taken place globally, having definitively collected all the global data from the past 2021. According to the analyst, his data takes into account the sales results of a total of 103 markets, which represents 99.32% of the entire globe.

Has been Felipe Munozwho based on his own analysis with the numbers of Jato Dynamics has been in charge of giving the data through his blog Fiat GroupWorld.

Tesla Model 3.
Tesla Model 3.

More specifically, the Tesla Model 3 has become the ninth best-selling model in the world last year, being, obviously, the only electric car in the top 10. As we already knew, they have been something more than 508,000 units those that the American firm was able to deliver before December 31 of last year.

A figure that, although high, is far from 1,132,000 units that Toyota has managed to put the RAV4 on the market, Thus surpassing the Toyota Corolla for the first time, which this year has had to “settle” for second position due to a difference of less than 30,000 units compared to its brother in the range.

The best-selling cars in the world during 2021.
The best-selling cars in the world during 2021.

It has not been too far, however, another electric car from the Tesla Model 3, although in any case it is still a model from Elon Musk’s firm. The Tesla Model Y has managed to enter the top 20 thanks to the 392,000 units sold.

More specifically, the Model Y has remained in position number 19. Everything indicates that this year Tesla’s electric SUV will exceed the brand’s saloon in terms of sales. In fact this year is already ahead in Europe.

Another significant fact is the protagonist, precisely, the twentieth best-selling model in the world last year. This is the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV, the cheapest electric car in the world. The model, which is only marketed in China, has managed to sell 391,000 units in its country alone, which has made it, incidentally, the best-selling electric car in China.

The best-selling cars in the world during 2021 (2).
The best-selling cars in the world during 2021 (2).

Although the list published by the analyst, which identifies the 110 best-selling models, is plagued by hybrid and plug-in hybrid carsdoes not have any 100% more electric among its extras.

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