Amazon to use electric bikes to replace its delivery vans

Amazon continues to look for alternative zero-emission delivery systems to reduce your carbon footprint. Part of this goal requires eliminating emissions associated with last mile delivery in urban areas. The e-commerce giant is exploring a new solution to this problem in central London with the launch of a micro-mobility hub that manages delivery through cargo electric bikes which is complemented by walking.

The first city to experiment with this new project will be London, where the company has started a pilot test with electric cargo bikes. The model chosen by Amazon is not the typical longer two-wheeled cargo bike with a transport trunk between the two wheels, nor the classic electric tricycles with a large box in the back. In this case it is four wheelerssimilar to a small delivery van, equipped with a electric pedaling support system for the cyclist.

Amazon electric bicycles london-interior1
Amazon says its electric bikes, supported by delivery drivers on foot, will replace thousands of traditional van-based deliveries.

The delivery man sits in the front seat to activate an electrical system that increases the force with which he pedals. While some of the energy comes from the battery that powers that motor, some of the effort still falls on the driver. In Europe, the legislation requires that this type of vehicle cut off assistance once reached 25 km/h, a speed that is sufficient for deliveries within the city. As a complement, Amazon also will increase deliveries on foot that, on many occasions, are more efficient, especially when it comes to densely populated urban centers. These are managed by a micromobility center which is responsible for resupplying the delivery people and which is the first facility of its kind in the UK.

As reported Guardian, Amazon will begin trials of electric cargo bikes in the East London district of Hackney, where they will be operated by Amazon partners. There they will reinforce the extensive electric fleet of vehicles that is already part of their delivery service. This combined fleet of electric vehicles will perform a total five million deliveries a year in the area of ​​which one million will be made with these electric bikes. Similar centers will be set up in other parts of the UK in the coming months.

According to John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager, “Amazon is moving towards a zero carbon neutral global future with the transformation of our transportation networks. The growing fleet of electric vehicles, new e-cargo bikes and foot deliveries will help us deliver zero emissions than ever before in London and the UK in the coming months.”

The e-commerce giant thus continues what seems to be a firm commitment to transport in electric vehicles. In 2019, it invested in the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian. A little later that same year, he acquired 100,000 electric vans designed by both companies that began delivering merchandise in Los Angeles early last year. According to Amazon, it currently has more than 1,000 electric delivery vans on UK roads that made more than 45 million deliveries last year.

Amazon electric bicycles london-interior3
The electric bike delivery is managed by a micromobility center that is responsible for resupplying delivery people and is the first facility of its kind in the UK.

Another part of the goal become a carbon neutral company in 2040 is based on the increased use of renewable energy with a growing investment in solar energy formed with 18 projects in the UK. This implies the deployment of 30,000 new solar panels this year that will allow it to power all its operations with renewable energy by 2025.

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