Alpine A110 E-Ternité: a true and light electric sports car with the Megane E-Tech battery

By surprise, and on the occasion of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix, Alpine has presented the first electric car of his history, Alpine A110 E-Ternite. It is, as the French firm itself has described, a true laboratory on wheels that borrows the batteries from the electric Renault Megane E-Tech to offer more than 400 kilometers of autonomy.

The most striking thing, however, is not its autonomy, but rather the fact that the team in charge of developing the A110 E-Ternité has been able to maintain both the weight of this particular A110 and to be able to say that it is still a lightweight sports car, just as than the gasoline model from which it derives, especially if we compare it with the rest of the electric ones for sale, since on the scale this conceptual model only weighs 1,378 kilos. A figure 258 kilos higher than that of the thermal A110, a very good figure considering that in total the batteries alone already weigh almost 400 kilos.

To shape this A110 E-Ternité, its developers have obviously taken the platform of the gasoline model as a base, as well as the electrical diagram of the Renault Megana E-Tech, including its battery pack. This posed a challenge given that the A110 makes use of a rear mid-engine configuration, which does not allow the batteries to be placed under the passenger compartment as is the case with the compact model. The solution has been to design specific battery casings for this A110 and adapt the interior part of the architecture to support these casings.

Wiring diagram of the Alpine A110 E-Ternité.

Of the 12 modules that make up the Megane E-Tech battery, four modules were placed at the front and eight at the rear, thus also better distributing the 392 kilos of battery weight between the two axles, with a proportion of 42% of the weight at the front and 58 at the rear. With a full battery charge, Alpine says that this A110 can offer a range of up to 420 kilometers.

The electric motor, according to Alpine, is the “standard” engine of the Renault Group, and to send power to the rear axle it has been associated with a two-speed dual-clutch box supplied by Getrag.

Alpine A110 E-Ternite.

The propellant yields 178 kW of power, which is equivalent to 242 hp, and 300 Nm of torque. With this, the A110 E-Ternité accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds and reaches 250 kilometers per hour, while it is capable of covering a kilometer from a standstill in 23.7 seconds. Figures not very far from those of the gasoline model.

In addition to all the new developments in the technical part, the brand has also wanted to innovate with respect to the petrol model from which the A110 E-ternité derives with a concept of “semi convertible”, since the central part of the roof of this electric A110 can be disassembled as it is made up of two removable pieces made of recycled carbon, while maintaining the stringers that shape the roof. A solution similar to that of the electric FIAT 500.

Although there are changes in relation to cabin materials and connectivity technology, the truth is that in sight the interior of the Alpine A110 E-Ternité remains without pronounced changes with respect to the thermal model. Here the biggest novelty is a solution that uses the driver’s personal tablet as an interface for the multimedia system, thus allowing all the user’s applications to be centralized in a single device.

With the exception of the removable roof, the passenger compartment of the A110 E-Ternité is unchanged from the petrol model.

After all, what the brand intends with this electric A110, although it is a conceptual model of which there are only two unitsit is anticipate to some extent what is to come from Alpine. We already know that the future of the brand is completely electric, and that the A110 will continue to be the company’s halo model.

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