Almost three tons of plug-in hybrid SUV: the BMW XM will be the heaviest model of all BMW

In recent years we have been able to see, and experience, the enormous increase that new cars have received in terms of weight, more especially when it comes to electric or electrified vehicles. Now, from BMW they affirm that the launch of the production BMW XM could mean a turning point marking a historical weight limit for a mass production model. This huge plug-in hybrid is expected to far exceed the tare figures on recently launched purely electric models such as the new BMW i7.

Weight is an area that worries many brand managers, as this is a significant burden when it comes to standardizing consumption and autonomy figures for electric cars, as well as playing a fundamental role in the dynamics of the model in question. No matter how good a technical set-up the vehicle receives, the laws of physics are there.

At the time that BMW unveiled the new BMW i7, many put their eyes on the weight that it approves in running order, which stops the scale at no more and no less than 2,640 kilos. Of this total, it is understood that the weight of the batteries and the entire electrical system play a fundamental role in this regard, in addition to the enormous technological equipment that is carried in it.

If we compare it with the first generation of the BMW 7 Series, which was launched on the market in the late 1970s, it had a weight of less than 1,500 kilos in running order. The heaviest mechanical variant of the previous generation of the 7 Series marked a peak of 2,274 kilos, that is, between this and the new i7 there is a difference of around 400 kilos.


However, as hard as it may seem, this will not be the maximum point that a BMW model will reach in the coming years. From the company they have already stated that the production model of the BMW XM will be even heavier, which will be dangerously close to 3 tons, in running order. This model, in addition to being a technological showcase for the brand, will also present a colossal size. These will be important attributes that will significantly increase the tare, however, and despite not being a pure electric model, its mechanics will also play a fundamental role in this.

Let’s remember that The BMW XM will be a high-flying plug-in hybrid, which will have a 4.4-liter V8 gasoline block coupled with an electrical system that will provide enough energy to move this behemoth for 50 kilometers in 100% electric mode. From BMW they are justified by mentioning elements such as the driver’s own front seat, which will weigh 100 kilos.

Christoph Fagschlunger, project manager for the new BMW i7, assured in a recent interview with the magazine car sales that the BMW XM will mark a turning point in the weight section. In fact, the manager does not believe that a vehicle heavier than the aforementioned sports SUV will be produced, since as electric technology becomes lighter, it will gradually reduce the total weight of the different models considerably.

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