Allison electric axles replace traditional transmissions without changing the design

Allison Transmissionan American company based in New York, plans to present its new eGen Power electric axles designed for use in electric vehicles for municipal services such as urban waste collection. The supplier will take advantage of the stage of the IFAT fair in Munich, which will be held from May 30 to June 3, 2022, to show a solution that allows completely replace the transmission of a diesel powertrain without modifying the design of the vehicles.

transmissions Allison’s eGen Power are ready to replace traditional transmissions as they have been designed to fit between the rear wheels of trucks, on the axis that joins it, so it is not necessary to make any adjustments to the chassis. Therefore, it is a solution that can be fully integrated into existing vehicles on the market and is suitable for compatibility with most manufacturers’ vehicle manufacturing processes, according to the US company.

The integrated electric powertrain system is designed to be incorporated inside the frame commercial truck standard. It includes electric motors high speed and a multi-speed transmission, eliminating the need for additional driveshafts. It also incorporates the oil cooling system powered by electric pumps, all on the support structures that are required.

The package also includes, optionally, the power electronics making it a complete powertrain solution. In addition, the eGen Power driveshaft can be adapted to different electric propulsion technologies. Thus, for example, it can work with an electric vehicle powered by batteries, but it is also or is designed to be used in fuel cell vehicles and in hybrid applications such as extended range vehicles or series hybrids.

For now, the American manufacturer has not published the technical data and specifications of these transmissions, except for the details of all of them, which also include an energy regeneration system for the braking and deceleration phases.

Production will start in November 2021 on the electric axle production line at its plant in Auburn Hills, Michigan. An installation of 10,000 square meters in which the eGen Power 100D for 6×2 heavy vehicles and the eGen Power 130D, which is designed for use in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the plant produces the model eGen Power 100Sis intended for heavy duty 6×4 tractors and heavy tandem axle vehicles, as well as medium trucks and school buses.

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