All the keys to the new Apple CarPlay: more advanced than ever and optimized for electric cars

The interior screens of the new electric cars are gaining more and more prominence on the dashboard. This is something that Apple has been able to take advantage of, and will continue to take advantage of in the coming years. On the occasion of the WWDC 2022 developer event, the Cupertino firm has presented an update to all its operating systems, including Apple CarPlay, which is now proposed as an alternative to the operating system of the car itself in which it is installed.

A few months ago we already saw how Android Automotive joined the mobile sector with the automotive sector to guarantee a complete operating system for the vehicles in which it is activated. It directly replaced the system developed by the car brands and, in this way, it made a hole in the cars. Nevertheless, Apple CarPlay has even gone a step further and has been renewed to be installed in vehicles with up to three screens consecutive, such as the electric Honda e.

The new Apple CarPlay includes a complete vision of everything we have to see in a vehicle. From the functions on the central infotainment display, and including the instrument panel with all the informative functions that should be included in it, to a third screen solely dedicated to the entertainment factor. But what electric cars have such a system? We can think of the recently mentioned electric Honda, the Mercedes EQS or the EQE and its generous Hyperscreen, and even the new generation of BMW, although it does not carry that additional third screen.

Apple CarPlay has sought in this complete renovation to make things more difficult than ever for the automotive system signed by Android, proposing itself as part of the car software and not as a companion application, as it was until now. The user interface is fully customizable: wallpaper, widgets or any other element related to passenger information and entertainment.

Personalization will be complete, even in the instrument panel
Personalization will be complete, even in the instrument panel

Starting with the front instrumentation panel, Apple CarPlay will offer us different spaces, with more or less prominence of the classic spheres in which to read the speed, the revolutions or the energy use that the vehicle is making in real time. The central area will be customizable, being able to choose elements such as Apple Maps, the agenda, weather information, the selected gear, and a long etcetera. Here we will also see dials such as the autonomy or percentage of the electrical charge that remains in the battery.

Moving on to the central screen, it will have different but equally customizable interfaces. In a main menu you can put a generous number of widgets with generic information of the vehicle, as well as other vital environments, such as the clock, agenda, weather or other apps that the user has in his smartphone. In reference to the vehicle itself, there will also be a specific element to see the autonomy or the state of the car. Here we will also find a menu with the car’s own functions, such as air conditioning. Finally, the third screen will be expressly dedicated to recreational functions, such as music or other elements that will arrive later.

Additionally, Apple has also given a twist to the Apple CarPlay system of a single screen more common and present today. This will show a new interface with renewed graphics and a greater possibility of customization.

The possibilities of adoption are very varied
The customization possibilities are very varied

Apple CarPlay has been able to take what is known so far in Android Automotive one step further, but will it be enough for Tesla to decide to integrate it into its vehicles? Just a few days ago we learned that the electric car firm is considering whether to adopt Apple’s AirPlay system to improve audio quality. Although Tesla has always been reluctant to seal agreements with Apple, the truth is that this new system also takes a leap over what is offered by the firm of Elon Musk. It is possible that the CEO of Tesla ends up accepting the adoption of this multimedia environment or, alternatively, advances in the development of his own system.

The new Apple CarPlay will adapt perfectly to any screen that the vehicle has. However, since the Apple directive, they have ensured that the new generation of this system will reveal new details in full in the future. This could be (entering the rumors section) the first clues about the future apple car and its integration with the different multimedia systems that it could have.

His arrival is planned for next year 2023. Until then, the firms with which the commitment has already been signed will have to advance in the adoption of said system in their vehicles. Among the brands present in said agreement are some such as Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, Audi, Volvo, Honda, Renault or Polestar.

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