All-inclusive long-term rental is coming for electric vans and trucks

Iveco has just announced the creation of GATE, a new entity based on an all-inclusive long-term rental model for electric trucks and vans.

The operational launch of GATE (Green Advanced Transportation Ecosystem) is planned for mid-2023, when the new brand, as a fully digitized business, will start offering its services in a pilot program in Italy.

GATE will have an independent business structure and will initially serve the Iveco and Nikola brands. The new business will offer a comprehensive service based on a vehicle pay-per-use formula.

With green equipment at its core, the new brand’s vehicle ecosystem will offer sustainable solutions to customers, who will be able to define the level of support and flexibility they need to run their business and take full advantage of all the services that GATE will make available to them. , such as maintenance and repair, connectivity and telematics, insurance financing, energy and additional auxiliary services.

With GATE, the Iveco Group intends to fulfill its ambition to establish a new paradigm in the transport industry and take a decisive step in designing the future of sustainable and digital mobility.

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