Alfa Romeo plans to launch a large electric sedan above the Giulia

Given that Alfa Romeo aims to become a 100% electric brand by 2027, many things have to change within the Italian company. The Stellantis Group has given the green light for Alfa to explore new concepts and new business segments. With their premium brand approach, they aspire to conquer the most exclusive niches in the market, and that is why Alfa Romeo is considering launching a large electric saloon that will be positioned above the Giulia.

Alfa’s obsession is to stand up to the almighty German brands. Audi, BMW and Mercedes. These are far ahead of the Italians, but they are confident that their electric strategy will bring them back into the game. Its announcement of becoming an electric brand will allow it to explore new formats in which it is currently absent. After confirming the launch of an SUV above the Stelvio, new rumors point to an equal strategy with sedans.

There is no doubt that the next generation of the Giulia will be 100% electric. Alfa Romeo is already working on it, and it should soon begin to show itself in multiple stages of its development phase. With its conversion, the Giulia EV will show the best technologies and qualities of Stellantis in the field of electrification. The first reports point to 800 kilometers of autonomy thanks to the use of the multipurpose platform of the conglomerate, the well-known STLA Large architecture, which its older brother will also enjoy.

Alfa Romeo thinks of more models to line up its electrification strategy

As reported by Autocar, the great Alfa Romeo saloon will try to stand up to models as important as the next Audi A6 e-tron, although there are still many details to be revealed. Jean-Philippe Imparato himself, the CEO of Alfa Romeo, has commented that to be present in the premium segment he must enter the E segment, a segment in which the company’s next sedan will participate. A model of lower volume in Europe, but that could be very attractive for other markets.

The United States and China tend to opt for larger models as a symbol of automobile class, and hence it is possible that the great electric sedan that Alfa Romeo raises will be seen with better eyes outside the European market, where the Italians have it very difficult to stand up to the German brands. The information in this regard is scarce, although a launch date is being considered: 2027. A very important year for the company, because in those 12 months the foundations for the future of the brand will be laid.

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