Aiways will adapt its electric cars for CATL’s interchangeable batteries

Battery swapping systems are starting to become a mainstream proposition in China. More and more manufacturers are adopting a standard model of batteries that allow replace them with others at a swap station. This modality may be at the beginning of an accelerated expansion after the agreement between the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology) and the electric car manufacturer Aiways. Both will collaborate to develop the first electric car for individuals that uses the EVOGO battery exchange system.

The two companies will jointly develop several models with interchangeable batteries based on Aiways’ first electric car, the U5. Their intention is to launch them on the market in the fourth quarter of 2022, as indicated in a statement published by CATL on its official WeChat account.

CATL’s battery exchange system, called EVOGO, proposes a novelty that until now had only been proposed by Ample. Adds the feature of modularity so that instead of changing the entire battery, the driver would select the modules he wants to replace. To achieve this, CATL has had to develop a completely new set of batteries. Owners of the new Aiways electric vehicles will be able to choose the battery blocks they need based on their needs.

With the support of CTP (Cell To Pack) technology that dispenses with modules when packing the battery, it is possible to achieve a gravimetric density of 160 Wh/kg and a bulk density of 325 Wh/l. In this way, each independent battery module will be able to offer up to 200 kilometers of autonomy. CATL has designed its new modular batteries so that they are compatible with 80% of current electric cars, and with all the cars that will be launched on the market in the coming years.

CATL’s complete battery exchange system consists of battery blocks, called Choco-SEB, mass-produced and developed specifically for exchange, stations and a mobile application. The driver will be able to select the blocks that he needs to mount on his vehicle based on the needs of the different mileages that he has to cover.

The first model compatible with EVOGO is the NAT (Next Automatic Taxi) from the Chinese brand FAW Bestune, aimed at the shared mobility market.

aiways catls evogo battery exchange u5-interior
Aiways and CATL will jointly develop several models with interchangeable batteries based on the U5.

Aiways was founded in 2017 with the goal of becoming an international New Energy Vehicle (NEV) company. Currently, it only has one model for sale, the Aiways U5. The company is less active in its home market than its competitors, since it is actively expanding in foreign markets. According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Aiways sold less than 300 units per month in China in 2021.

That is why Aiways is also preparing to implement battery exchange system to foreign markets, in which it will offer its customers two options to replenish the energy of their electric cars. The first will be the classic recharging contract through private and public charging points and the second through this EVOGO exchange system, according to Zhang Yang, its executive director.

A few months ago, Aiways arrived on the Spanish market with the Aiways U5 and is already preparing to launch its second model, the Aiways U6, which has just concluded its winter tests at extreme temperatures below 30 degrees below zero.

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