Airbus invests in green hydrogen for sustainable aviation

Airbus has joined the Hy24 investment fund, which will provide financial capital to support large-scale green hydrogen infrastructure projects.

According to the aircraft manufacturer, its participation ensures its commitment to expanding a global hydrogen economy, “a prerequisite for the successful entry into service of its zero-emission commercial aircraft by 2035.”

For the vice president of Airbus ZEROe Ecosystem, Karine Guenan, joining a fund of “this magnitude” demonstrates Airbus’ “continually active” role in investments in infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of clean hydrogen throughout the world. world.

For his part, the CEO of Hy24, Pierre-Etienne Franc, has highlighted that his company is well positioned to identify and accelerate the development of clean hydrogen infrastructure companies to meet today’s needs and ensure tomorrow’s transport and logistics. .

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