After “killing” the EQC, Mercedes begins testing the electric SUV EQE in traffic

The Mercedes-Benz EQC was the first model in the Mercedes EQ series, and after a short commercial life of four years, the new EQE SUV It is already considered as an almost direct substitute in the brand’s electric range. In fact, the spy photos that illustrate these lines feature the latter, which is already finalizing its development phase.

The model has been sighted in the German city of Nürburg, famous in addition to its castle, because it is the municipality that gives its name to the most traditional circuit in the automotive scene, Nurburgringusual test site for cars in development.

As usual, the photographed unit hides the shapes of its body under a thick camouflage vinyl, but several key details determine not only that it is the EQE SUV, but also that the prototype in question supports the development of one of the AMG signed versions of the model.

The proof of the former is that the EQS SUV has already been presented, while the latter is certified by aspects such as huge tires of aggressive design, the size of the brake calipers (apparently six-piston) and a very restrained ground clearance that in a conventional non-sports approach model would not make sense. Nail high-volume bumpers and heel cups They also help confirm that we are dealing with the variant signed by the Affalterbach division.

Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 6
AMG version of the EQE electric SUV during its development.

The EQE SUV (as it will be officially called) will sit in the Mercedes range below the EQS SUV and at the same level as its “saloon version”, the conventional EQE. The latter recently launched its most accessible version in Spain.

The imminent and premature commercial death of the EQC is due to several reasons, and all related in one way or another to the arrival of the EQE SUV. On the one hand, it will be located in the same fork (perhaps a small step above) as the outgoing model, in addition to having very similar dimensions. On the other hand, the technological leap that will exist between both models will make it difficult to continue justifying the necessary outlay for the EQC.

More specifically, andl EQE saloon starts at about 75,000 euroswhile the EQC does the same at 85,300 euros, so it is expected that it will be, if not between the two models, one step above the SUV.

Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 13
AMG version of the EQE electric SUV during its development.

The EQE SUV will be built around the same platform as the EQE and EQS. For this reason they will share battery capacity, ranging between 80 and 107 kWh, and since the bodywork will be less efficient than that of the sedans, the autonomy will drop slightly. However, autonomies close to 600 kilometers can be expected in the most efficient versions.

His presentation will presumably take place at the end of this year, while its commercialization is scheduled for 2023.

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