Aehra, new “ultra premium” electric vehicle company on the way

In recent years, due to the expansion of the electric car market, it has been possible to see the birth of a generous number of new brands. Some of them disappear due to lack of economic support and others, on the other hand, continue on their way until they present themselves as new market alternatives. Today it has been announced new company that wants to be part of the “ultra premium” electric vehicle sector, its name is Aehra and it promises to “outshine” other car manufacturers.

The business vision of the founders of Aehra is to show two new electric models at the end of this year. Specifically, from the firm they speak of an SUV and a sedan of “ultra premium” character, which will reach the international market for a price of 180,000 and 160,000 euros, respectively. Both models, names yet to be determined, will arrive with a high level of technology, dynamics and performance, as well as with a battery option with enough autonomy to reach 800 kilometers.

The origin of the brand is located between Italy and the United States. One of its founders, Hazim Nada, has been the one who has given most of the clues regarding the future plans of the company. He has been the one who has revealed that the aforementioned battery will provide the necessary energy to drive the three electric motors with which their models will have, one for the front axle and two on the rear axle, thus generating a high maximum power.

According to the co-founder of Aehra, his vision for the two models that will arrive almost imminently It does not happen to provide them with “thousands of horsepower” but that these have a high quality performance that is directly paired with a very worked dynamics. The manager refused to give a specific figure on the power that their models will enjoy, although he gave rigorous clues that both vehicles will not intend to enter the hypercar market, but, again, influenced the fact of wanting to provide a dynamic and balanced power.

Aehra’s electric saloon will have the Porsche Taycan Turbo S as one of its main rivals

Nothing is known about the aesthetics that these models will show. However, Hazim Nada alluded to the fact that both vehicles will feature Italian design touches and have spacious interiors, although each of them will look very personal and with a unique interior and exterior aesthetic between them. The co-founder stated that both will look as if they were conceptual vehicles, as they will have a different appearance from everything known so far by the electric vehicles of other companies, because, according to Hazim, these “have designed their cars in a way that is too closely linked to traditional thermal vehicles”.

The model with a sedan body will be very close in size to what the Tesla Model S has, while the electric SUV will be “a little longer” than an Audi e-tron, although in the passenger compartment, both models will be much larger and spacious than its competitors, since will feature a “lounge-like configuration” where five tall passengers can travel comfortably.

Both vehicles will be presented in society next fall, although the specific date of their coming-out is still unknown. The company plans estimate a production of up to 25,000 units annually for each of its electric cars. The start-up of its factories is expected to begin in early 2025, while the first units will reach their owners at the end of the same year.

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