Acura Precision EV, the electric SUV prototype that will be a reality in 2024

Acura is the brand name of Honda in some markets. With a different name, the Japanese brand can explore different concepts and segments, covering a wider range of customers. Acura Precision EV Unveiled During Monterey Car Week Lavish Events, one of the most luxurious and elite exhibitions in the world. With an unparalleled setting, the brand presents the general lines of what will become its first commercial electric SUV, scheduled for launch in 2025.

It must be recognized that Acura is taking longer than it should to launch the sale of electric cars. The American market is changing rapidly, and Acura’s delay forces it to act quickly and decisively. The Precision EV directly attacks the electric SUV market, which currently offers important figures such as the Tesla Model Y, the Ford Mustang Mach-e and the Chevrolet Blazer. More units will soon be added to the family, some of them foreign like the Volkswagen ID.4.

The look of the Precision EV will be transplanted to the production model, although not in its entirety

Honda plans to invest huge amounts of money in exploiting its electric path. With confirmed plans for the launch of 30 100% electric models, not all of them will reach every corner of the planet. A few months ago he already gave us a preview with the Honda Prologue EV. Developed on General Motors’ Ultium platform, the electric SUV could be considered a close cousin of the Precision EV as both share a platform and electric concept.

It is clear that each one will attack the category from a different point of view. Aesthetically speaking, the Precision EV shows a much more forceful and attractive front, although its appearance will change for the final production version. Particularly striking are the illuminated accents on the bumper and the 23-inch wheels.. This is the “Particle Glitch” technology, although we doubt that it will end up reaching the final production version.

The interior reveals a very natural and minimalist concept focused on digitization

In general, the entire design gives off a great sense of robustness and a certain elegance with classic SUV touches such as contrasting elements on the roof and lower areas. Looking inside, Acura has only published a couple of sketches of how it poses the cabin of its first electric SUV. With a minimalist concept, the dashboard stands out for its angular and different shapes. All attention is focused on a Formula 1-type steering wheel and two screens that will collect all the information and on-board systems.

Unfortunately, no data has been provided on the mechanical part beyond knowing that it is totally electric. Acura continues to work on shared developments with its parent company based on the GM platform. Looking ahead to the next two years, the Japanese have a lot of work ahead of them to expand their electric offer, currently focused on the Honda e. With 40 billion dollars of investment, the brand is gambling everything on the EV offer. Although many details remain to be revealed, it is clear that in terms of presentation they have a lot of work ahead of them.

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