A technicality could declare Tesla superchargers illegal in Germany

After many years of being private and inaccessible to many electric car drivers, Tesla is working to open its impressive network of Superchargers to the world. The change from private to public network means that the brand must conform to different regulations in different countries. A legislative madness that could cause serious inconvenience as in Germany. A little detail, a technicality nobody cares about implies that Tesla superchargers are illegalalthough there is nothing to worry about.

Over the past few months, Tesla has been opening more and more charging points to the public network. Its private recharge network is considered the best and most reliable in the world. All drivers have welcomed the change in mentality of the American company with open arms, although the prices for recharging are not as popular as many imagined. Despite this, it is something to celebrate, although it can be quite a headache for Tesla.

Europe is a legislative and regulatory nightmare. Although there is a common standard for all member countries, each of them applies it individually. The technical terms required in Germany are not the same as those we have in Spain, and those that are applicable in our country do not have to be applicable in France, for example. Each country legislates in a particular way and establishes the standards it deems appropriate, and that is a problem when creating standardized charging points which may not comply with all country regulations.

At the moment there is nothing to worry about, the German Government does not intend to take measures

After taking the charging network open in Germany for several months, Tesla has just received the unpleasant news that its superchargers could be declared illegal. The Teutonic country requires that each charging point report in detail how many kWh have been supplied and what the power of the charging station has been. Current measurement needs to be accurate, and as you’ll know if you’ve ever been near a Supercharger, Tesla opts for a minimalist style that reports absolutely nothing.

All information is displayed in the car or in the excellent mobile app, but not at the charging point as required by German regulations. But let no one throw their hands up because there is no danger that the State will paralyze the activity of the Tesla network, since it is not the only one that does not comply with the technicality required by the Calibration Law. Many other top-up companies have the same problem, and now it has not been a problem to continue operating normally.

Thomas Weberpals, head of the Bavarian State Office for Weights and Measures has stated that At the moment the Government does not plan to act on Tesla or on any other company that does not present a meter at the charging points. He also declares that it is the company’s job to modernize the stations and assures that Tesla is working to achieve it. For the moment logic and common sense reign, expanding the public charging network is a necessity, although we all know that in matters of politics nothing is certain.

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