A study reveals which manufacturers have the most patents for solid-state batteries

The arrival of solid electrolyte (or solid state) batteries is the next step in the technological evolution of these essential components in an electric vehicle. But currently, Which company has the most patents of these? batteries? According to a study published in Asian NikkeiThat company is Toyota, which has more patents than other specialist companies in the battery production and development sector.

Toyota has declared itself a strong supporter of this type of technology, as well as a leading candidate to be the first company to produce a large-scale electric vehicle equipped with solid-state batteries. In fact, it would not be the first time that the Japanese firm has made a declaration of intent, since last year 2020 it revealed a first prototype that equipped this technology, this was the Toyota LQ Conceptabout which it was stated that a production version based on this conceptual model would arrive in a few years and that it is expected that it will finally take the form of a small SUV.

However, despite the fact that today Toyota only has a single electric vehicle in its catalog, the Toyota bZ4x, is already finalizing the development of a whole range made up of 100% electric models for the coming years. It is still a complete mystery which one will finally take the solid-state battery technology for itself, but it is known that the Japanese firm is the world leader in the number of patents on this component.

Panasonic is the second company with the most patents of this type registered

In fact, according to the study mentioned above, Toyota dominates this sector well above the second player, and that is the Japanese brand has a total of 1,331 patents of this type. It is followed by Panasonic, which has a total of 445, and Idemitsu Kosan, who has 272 patents. The latter is especially related to the metals and raw materials used in this type of battery. Fourth place in the ranking is held by Samsung.

However, synergies between companies specialized in certain sectors (even more so between electric vehicles and their technology) frequently occur. In the section on solid electrolyte batteries there are also certain unions such as the one already carried out by Toyota and Panasonic, the two leading brands in the number of patents of this type. both signatures They have been working together on the development of a component of this type since last year 2020. According to the aforementioned published study, Toyota increased the number of patents it held on this technology by 40 percent between 2016 and 2020.

It is not yet known which model will be the first to mount a solid-state battery, since the possibilities are many. The latest rumors about this possibility speak of the renewal of the Toyota Prius, something that would not be unreasonable, because being a hybrid vehicle it will not depend so much on the characteristics presented by said battery and would give the manufacturer some room for improvement, something that would not happen in a 100% electric vehicle, since its energy source depends entirely on this component. In any case, the arrival of said technology on the market is not expected until at least the middle of this same decade.

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