A small preview of Bugatti’s “new horizon”: an electric car?

In the middle of last year the big news broke: the company Bugatti Rimac LLC was born. The traditional French house was now controlled by the Croatian businessman who has managed to take his own brand to the Olympus of electric hypercars. Since then few have been the details that have transpired about the future of the commercial strategy. More than a year of informative silence that could have the hours numbered. Bugatti announces a “new horizon” for Monterey Car Week, one of the most prestigious events in the world.

Through social networks, Bugatti has spent the last few days reeling off the arrival of a new model, or at least a new prototype with the motto: New Horizons (New Horizons). With just two words, the rumors and the hopes of being able to attend the first product born from the marriage between Bugatti and Rimac have skyrocketed.although in honor of the truth it must be said that another current points to a personalized model to the extreme or to the replacement of the current Bugatti Chiron.

What is clear, as a result of what is shown in the different teasers, that what Bugatti is going to present tomorrow is something completely unique. To date Bugatti has escaped any kind of electrification possible. Its powerful and unique 8-liter W16 engine does not have any electrical assistance, something that is going to change radically after Rimac entered the game. The Croatian company has a lot of modernity and electricity to bring to the legendary French house, and Monterey may be the setting chosen to show the first product, or at least a first prototype.

Since Bugatti not a single detail has been leaked, which gives rise to think about the important presentation that it will have tomorrow, on August 19 at The Quail, the same event at Lucid will present the Air Tri-Motor with more than 1,400 horse power. Electrification will have a very important weight in this edition of the Monterey Car Week. The small Californian city will become the world epicenter of the motor world for a few days. Not only will it host some spectacular launches, it will also attract the world’s great fortunes willing to spend their money at the many scheduled auctions.

Undoubtedly Bugatti will focus much of the prominence of the attendees. The first electric or electrified launch has the world on edge. Everyone expects hitherto unattainable heights. A powertrain with some form of electrification would be an intermediate step. A high-performance plug-in hybrid or even a hybrid system with KERS in the purest Formula 1 style. Tomorrow at 7:20 p.m. we will all clear up any doubts about this new horizon announced by the company.

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