A plug-in hybrid V8 as a solution for the new Ford Mustang

Much is said about the arrival of the new generation of the Ford Mustang, a generation that a priori will be marked by the electrification of its range, to a greater or lesser extent. Along with this resounding paradigm shift, the new Mustang will bring with it a new, more aggressive image that will incorporate the design canons currently stipulated by the blue oval firm. Its commercialization is estimated to start in 2024.

The current Ford Mustang has been a shock to the sports car market, as the American model has positioned itself as the best-selling performance vehicle on the planet. The keys to its massive landing have been its design, its history, but also its price in exchange for a power close to 500 hp. However, the next generation will bring countless changes under its arm, the main one of them all will be the arrival of electrification for the first time in the range of the original Mustang coupé. According to the first indications that were released at the end of last year 2021, Ford would be thinking of hybridizing its current mechanical range. Now the signs are growing.

In the first place, in the eye of the hurricane I would be the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine access to the mechanical range. This block, Ford presented it as the main mechanics for the European market, however, the interest and history made the general public opt for its spectacular V8 and, finally, caused the disappearance of the 4-cylinder in Europe. Nevertheless, this engine could return to the old continent in the form of deeply electrified mechanicsRumors already specify that said electrification would come from the hand of a plug-in hybrid system with an eye to guaranteeing a lower rate of CO2 emissions, as well as lower fuel consumption, but also a purely electric circulation for a few kilometers.

However, the strong changes would come from the hand of its characteristic 5.0-liter V8 engine. This is expected to bring with it important tweaks, such as some calibration adjustments to make it more efficient. However, the rumors are not entirely clear in this regard, since most speak of a simple improvement and the incorporation of a light hydration system using a 48-volt batterywhich would benefit it in terms of efficiency on fast roads, favoring the so-called “candle effect” and also in specific accelerations, where it would receive a small support from said electrical system.

Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford Mustang Coupe.
Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford Mustang Coupe.

A second line of rumors specifies a greater and more notable change for this historic block, which would come under the effects of plug-in hybridization, thus giving the Mustang a remarkably high power compared to the current market and with the hybrid Corvette in the point of view. There is also talk of the possibility that this new Mustang Hybrid would host an all-wheel drive system for the first timesince the electrical system would be coupled to the front wheels.

Additionally, we must take into account the enormous success caused by the electric Ford Mustang Mach-e, which has positioned itself as one of the great electric cars on the market. Could we see the arrival of an electric Mustang coupe for the first time? We cannot rule out such an option, even more so when we already know that Chevrolet will launch an electric variant of the Corvette next year, while Dodge is already flirting with this possibility for its Muscle Car, as well as Chevrolet for the Camaro replacement.

In terms of design and technology, the new 2024 Mustang will host a totally new image, although somewhat continuous if we compare it with the one currently presented by the coupé model. Inside we will find a greater prominence of its screens, both for the instrumentation and for the infotainment system. Additionally, a higher dose of quality materials will also be presented.

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