A new stage opens in Morgan, is it time for electrification?

There is a new CEO at Morgan, Massimo Fumarola. The one who was responsible for the special projects division of Lamborghini has joined the classic English firm with the intention of taking it to a new and golden age. The transition to electric and electrified mobility will play a fundamental roleas the Italian has revealed during an interview with Coach. An ambitious goal that must maintain the firm authenticity of the company.

With more than 100 years of history, the Morgan house has gone through different stages. With an annual production around 800 cars per year, last year signed one of its best years with a total of 680 units sold, 70% of them destined for foreign markets. Looking ahead to the next goals, Fumarola thinks that they can reach 1,500 units manufactured within five years, almost twice as many as today. In this growth, electrification is expected to play an important role.

One of the first decisions that Morgan’s new CEO will have to face is when and what the company needs to launch a third model. Currently the product catalog only includes two models, the Morgan Plus in two possible configurations and the Morgan Super 3 that will soon start its commercialization replacing the already disappeared and iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler. So there is room for a revolutionary new addition.

Morgan’s current range is not prepared for electrified mechanics.

In Morgan, time passes in a different way. Deadlines and strategies are taken more calmly, although Fumarola recognizes that they will have to form associations with other companies to enter this electrified stage. Morgan currently has an agreement with BMW for the supply of engines. The doubts lie in what format to give to that third family unit, since Fumarola has declared that the current models do not have the capacity to be electrified.

Morgan’s doubts lie in whether it is better to opt for a hybrid route or for a 100% electric format. You have to take into account costs, developments and production. Morgan has a factory where there is no trace of electrification. The sale price must also be taken into account, since a fully electric unit would raise the price, so it may not be as attractive to the company’s potential buyers.

To help with that transition, the company has recently announced the hiring of a new technical director, Matthew Hole, whose role will be fundamental in this new stage that is opening up to the company. In the past, Morgan has already had an electric unit under a limited edition called the Morgan EV3. In general, it was a 3 Wheeler converted in appearance and mechanics. Barely 19 units were produced at an approximate cost of 52,000 pounds.

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