A new agreement assures SEAT that the jump to the electric car does not affect its workers in Spain

The management of SEAT and the majority unions UGT and CC.OO have signed this Tuesday the 20th collective agreement of the company after the preliminary agreement reached in June and ratified by 11,000 workers affiliated with the unions. The purpose of the agreement is to regulate employment within the Spanish manufacturer in a context in which the electric car is beginning to take center stage in the company’s product segment.

This was expressed by SEAT itself in a statement this past Tuesday, where it explained that this signature “guarantees a framework of stability” for the next five years, until December 31, 2026. Both parties reached the pre-agreement on December 17 June, which contemplated a revision of the salary tables of 6.5% and linking salaries to increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The company has explained that the new agreement includes a “solid industrial plan” for the company, with the priority of guaranteeing employment stability, improving economic conditions for employees and offering greater flexibility in the organization of work.

SEAT Test Center Energy, inside the Martorrel factory.
SEAT Test Center Energy, inside the Martorell factory.

The signing of the new agreement took place in an act at the company’s corporate headquarters in Martorell, which was attended by the president of Seat, Wayne Griffiths; the executive vice president of People and Organization of Seat, Laura Carnicero; the general secretary of the UGT in Seat, and president of the Seat Intercenter Committee, Matías Carnero, and the general secretary of the CC.OO in Seat, Rafa Guerrero.

The company has also highlighted that it has launched a contract suspension plan, which employees over 61 years of age may voluntarily avail themselves of.

In addition, the gigafactory in Sagunto opens up a possibility for those employees who want to join the project: “All this together with a solution for the El Prat plant, which has the possible award of six new components”.

Act of signing the agreement.

For his part, the general secretary of UGT in SEAT SA, Matías Carnero, who in the past has been critical of the direction taken by the Volkswagen Group regarding the future of the SEAT brand to the detriment of CUPRA, commented that “that the new collective agreement is balanced and acceptable from the current situation and taking into account the context of transformation necessary to face electrification. With this agreement, the foundations of the ecological transition are laid to guarantee the future of workers and that the following generations do not have employment problems”.

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