A Lamborghini with ‘High Voltage’ stickers is seen testing in Spain these days

The first hybrid car that Lamborghini will manufacture in series has been photographed these days by Spain during its testing phase. Its about direct replacement for the Lamborghini Aventadora model that the Italian firm has chosen to be the first in its range to display a profound level of electrification.

As usual when a model in development hits public roads for the first time, the Lamborghini hunted by photographers presents a thick camo which manages to hide a large part of the model’s features very effectively.

However, the design of elements such as the rear light clusters, the air intakes necessary for cooling the technical scheme, as well as the design of the headlights, can be seen, showing a significant advance with respect to the image of the Lamborghini Aventadorwhich after 11 years on the market last month closed its life cycle with the launch of a special edition.

lamborghini 24
The quad exhaust will sit between the two taillights.

In this sense, it is expected that this new model will be similar in image to the latest versions that Lamborghini has launched of the other sports car that it has in its range, the Huracan, especially the Huracán Tecnica.

There are still many aspects to know about this model, including its Name and the type of electrical scheme that Lamborghini will opt for. In the case of the first question, Lamborghini is probably still inclined to use names related to the bullfighting world. In the case of the second doubt, it remains to be seen if it is a conventional hybrid or if Lamborghini instead opts for a plug-in hybrid scheme.

The possibility that charges the most weight is the second, so it would directly rival the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which in turn is the first plug-in hybrid model that Ferrari has produced in series.

The main difference between the two sports cars will be, therefore, in the gasoline block around which the technical part of each model is articulated, because while Ferrari equipped the SF90 Stradale with a turbocharged V8 engine, Lamborghini will continue to rely on a Large displacement V12. Logic dictates that the heat engine will drive the rear wheels, while it remains to be seen if it also does the same with the front axle, or if instead this function will fall on the electric motor(s).

lamborghini 6
The Lamborghini pictured is just as aggressive as usual.

With the arrival of this new generation of its V12, it is expected that the brand will leave behind the controversial simple clutch transmission, taking advantage of the redesign of the peripheral components of the thermal engine.

Based on the advanced state of development that the photographed model shows, and that Lamborghini intends to start market this model in 2023it could be that his presentation would take place at the end of this year.

Curiously, it is not the only model that has been photographed these days at some point on the national scene carrying out a part of its development program. Days ago we showed the spy photos of an electric Mercedes EQA that only had camouflage on its front grill.

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